Make a List of what to take

This is very important: make this list early on, so you can add as the time gets closer. You want to take everything you will absolutely need, but you don't want to pack dead weight.

Here is a list of basic things you can add to, or subtract:

  • hair accessories (this includes, but is not limited to shampoo & conditioner, brush, clips, hair spray, etc.)
  • dental hygiene (tooth brush, toothpaste, flossing, etc.)
  • makeup
  • teeshirts, blouses, shirts, etc.
  • pants, skirts, sweats, etc.
  • sweaters
  • underwear
  • socks
  • shoes, sandals, boots, etc (depending when and where you go)
  • pajamas
  • swimsuit
  • medicine
  • perfume, lotions, etc. (if possible, get trial sized of your favorites)

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